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Cleaning tips
February 11, 2022
4 Top Housekeeping Tips for Kerala

Do you know that a single drop of the wrong chemical can cause a permanent stain on your tiles, marble or granite flooring? Housekeeping as we do it is as perfect ...

Cleaning tips
February 12, 2022
5 Top Hospital Cleaning Tips in Ernakulam

Cleanliness should be a religion on its own. Because it has more laws and rules to follow than a regular one. And they are very sacred ones if we are supposed to stay ...

Security Guard
January 25, 2022
Top Areas To Be Properly Trained For A Security Guard

A security guard is not all about a good physique, it is about knowledge, having the proper set of knowledge and information in a wide field, from surveillance to technical...

Security Guard
January 25, 2022
How To improve Communication Among Guards

The world has started the shift towards the use of renewable energy and solar energy is the most preferred one. It is abundant, the truest form of ...