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Cleanliness should be a religion on its own. Because it has more laws and rules to follow than a regular one. And they are very sacred ones if we are supposed to stay fit and healthy.

While there are many ways to stay on top of dirt, allergen, dust, stains etc, doing them properly in a regular manner ensures a healthy environment for both the staff and patients in a hospital environment.

These days, it is more than cleaning. It is also important to attend to the sources of germs like unattended garbage, bodily fluid spills like spit, mucus etc. Cleaning and sanitising go hand in hand these days. Even uncovered sneezing can cause us great harm in present conditions. And hospitals are on high alert regarding such behaviour.

Shield Group has one of the best technologies, machinery and eco-friendly chemicals in the industry to take care of hospital cleaning and sanitisation with a very high degree of perfection.

Use Industry-standard Protective Gear

Cleaning is a delicate process. But if we do not take enough care, the process itself will have a reverse effect. It is essential to make sure that the cleaning staff are well protected. Because if not, they will end up as carriers of numerous infections and other complications in environments we have in Kerala.

Therefore it is of vital importance to use high-quality protective gear with industry-standard specifications. The use of substandard materials is going to cause slits and pores which in turn contribute to the contamination of the personnel involved.

Divided Groups

It is always better to assign a single set of cleaning staff for each department or a sector of the hospital premise. That way, we will be able to contain any infection or contamination which happens during the cleaning process.

If we have a single set of personnel covering the whole building that might cause a direct line of access across the whole building for a single mishap.

In the present condition, the spreading of infection should not be allowed and divided groups for various departments can work in favour of such a decision. We should be able to contain any infection within a single department or sector no matter how serious it is.

Cleaning Agents

At Shield group , we believe that a hospital environment in Kerala is something that should resemble care and warmth. We are known for the right choice of cleaning and sanitising agents. We take utmost care not to leave a stinging smell or an annoying odour after the cleaning process. Both medical staff and patients should feel that there has been a positive difference after cleaning. And not a wave of highly powerful chemicals just swept through.

The feel of cleanliness is supposed to be felt once the process is complete. And the proper selection of materials, solutions and chemicals can ensure this to a great extent.

Cleaning Process

The cleaning process needs to be fine-tuned for better effect and safety of the people involved. From the direction of cleaning to the way of movement within a room while cleaning is very important. We should make sure that once an area is cleaned, it should remain clean and not infected by further movement across the room.

Post cleaning activities

Make sure that we can maintain the level of cleanliness and sanitation we achieved as long as we can. For this, proper sanitisation of cleaning gear and equipment is important. Dispose of them carefully and efficiently.

The movement of the cleaning team should wind up at the sanitisation area instead of other critical areas.