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Do you know that a single drop of the wrong chemical can cause a permanent stain on your tiles, marble or granite flooring? Housekeeping as we do it is as perfect as you can get in Ernakulam. We take care of everything from the right cleaning solutions, proper vacuum nozzles that keep your favourite areas clean without actually damaging them, mopping the floor, fixing the bathroom, making the kitchen shine and leaving the bedroom feel like a haven.

All of us have a very busy schedule. With both husband and wife working, we have little time to set children for school or college. Even weekends have their own demands. And cleaning takes a back seat in the whole process. Because we simply cannot get distracted by the very demanding day to day activities.

We offer daily cleaning services and assure you that it will be a thorough process.

Let us take a look into a few things we can do on our own to improve our housekeeping abilities.


Break the tedious work into small parts. Assign your family members small to-dos so that they can deal with them in a fun way. If every person is going to fix a couple of things that are not in order in their room, that can be very helpful in fixing the overall cleanliness of the house itself.

Kitchen first

The kitchen is always a top priority. Because there is food involved. Use and unused. If left unattended, they are going to cause food infection, pest infestation and whatnot.

Cleaning of the kitchen starts with washing the utensils cleanly and neatly. There are many of them that are hard to clean due to oil and tough stains. Most of them work well if we immerse them in water for some time. Use hot water and detergents to soak them efficiently.

The refrigerator needs to be cleaned at least once a week of food items that have lasted too long. There might be spills and possible fungi infections if we are not careful.

Clean the wastebasket and sink regularly, more than once a day. This will ensure that we do not accumulate unwanted food waste. Also, attend the area around the wastebasket properly for there is a good chance that litter has spread in the adjacent areas.

Don’t ignore the bathroom

Bathrooms need not only be cleaned but also need proper sanitation. They are first cleaned normally, then the toilet area is attended to separately using the right cleaning and sanitising agents. If possible, mop the floor properly because they are always wet and cleaning with the right solution mixed with water can get rid of germs to a great extent.

One room at a time

We are going to exhaust ourselves when we deal with it all once and for all. Instead, deal with one room at a time or as small teams. Whether it be for one floor or one room when we break up with work and divide it between us into small parts they tend to fix themselves much easier than we can imagine.

Always take extra care not to spill litter into already cleaned areas. The movement in and out of the house while cleaning should be carefully planned.