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A security guard is not all about a good physique, it is about knowledge, having the proper set of knowledge and information in a wide field, from surveillance to technical knowledge to situational awareness and so on. The more trained a guard is, the more efficient he will snd better the protection he can offer with his knowledge. Having a proper training plan is important, always write down which all areas training is needed and we will look at the most important areas to focus on.

Top Areas A Security Guard Must Be Trained

1. Keep Up to Date With The Rules

Firstly this is both for the security guard and the company. There are certain rules to be followed by a training company, like licenses and permits, having proper firearms areas for training to ensure safety and all. While guards are stationed in a specific space they must follow certain rules, also when protecting to make sure they follow the standard operating protocols, so simply having a good physique is not enough, knowing how to act is important.

2. Technical Knowledge and Combat

SecurityHere we are referring to the adaptability of the guard to use modern technologies. The modern security systems provide an additional layer of security and the first thing an infiltrator will do is take down the system from the inside by hacking it, so making sure the guards do not fall for such attempts via phishing emails and other ways is important. They must know how to operate the systems in the surveillance room and keep an eye for attempts to take down the system without falling prey to it. There will be times when the guard must get physical, so close combat training is also necessary not just to diffuse the situation but also for personal protection.

3. Tackling a Situation

The best thing to do is always be proactive, but then there are situations where things get out of hand quickly, and knowing how to tackle such a situation is important. When things go wrong, divide your team into groups and assign the various duties, one group should take down the problem makers, others contain the situation, the rest should move the occupants to a safe location and there should always be guards in the surveillance room keeping a watchful eye, never leave the surveillance room empty.

4. Effective Flow Of Information

Suppose you have a large facility and the security guards are spread across different floors and an incident happens. The first thing to do is to communicate to the others what has gone wrong at the same time rushing to the site. Communicate properly, in a calm manner to replay the information, as what is wrong, how many infiltrators are there, which floor, where are they now so that the others can take up the needed precautions and act fast. There are various codes for effective communication that every guard must be trained and must remember to use in such situations.

5. Porper Customer Relationship

Security guards will have to interact with customers daily and their reaction can be a deciding factor on whether the facility will move forward or not, as a bad or cold response from them can set off a negative reaction and will negatively affect the business. So, having the guards properly communicate with the public is also necessary.


Having a good physique is not only the factor you have to consider when deciding to be a security guard, whether you are planning to hire a guard or you want to opt-in as a profession but there are also a lot of other areas one must learn and must be willing to learn and must adapt to the changing times. Be it close combat, technical knowledge, looking out for attempted infiltration of the I.T system, and so on. Having a calm and cool head and effective communication with the entire team is vital, as the security team functions as a whole and not alone.