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It is all in the communication, communication is the key, both between the guard and also with the people visiting the facility and premises. If the guards cannot communicate effectively with themselves, then during a crisis situation, relaying the needed vital information is not going to happen in a smooth manner and a lot of information would be missed, which would only help the infiltrators. The guards must know what all to say and what not to say in a situation. Their communication should be different when communicating with the visitors and with the guars as there are code words to use to convey information fast.

Top Ways To Improve Communication

1. Observation

Every little piece of detail must be analyzed, every small movement is to be looked into. Is there anyone that is acting in a weird manner, is anyone constantly looking at the security camera, is anyone talking to other visitors on the premise, is he/she moving around, is there a crowd gathering? If any one of the above-mentioned things takes place, communicate it to the others, communicate what you have spotted so that others can come and the guards at the surveillance room can look into it and follow the suspicious person around.

2. Listen to the Surroundings

Security guards must always keep their ears active, they must not be lost in their own world, they must listen to what others are speaking at all times so that if a situation arises, they can be proactive. Listening can also be done when the visitors are relaying a piece of information, in such situations the guards must actively listen to them so that they can understand the query and respond to it, never rushing the listening process. The next step to do is to ask questions to fill in any blanks and then relay the information to the team. The security guards must also the premise inside out, they must know all the entrances and exits so that they can plan the action accordingly.

3. Proper Code Language

Security guards have their own code words to effectively communicate long pieces of information with the help of certain words. During a crisis situation conveying a long piece of information is going to take some time, but with the help of certain code words, the needed information will be conveyed in a short amount of time, and time will be saved allowing the others to take the needed actions. Having a code language also helps to add a layer of disguise to the information that is conveyed so that outsiders won’t be able to understand or decode what it means thus not giving the perpetrators any chance or advantage.

Effective communication is everything when it comes to security services, you can have all the advanced technologies like cameras and sensors, but if the guards are not trained properly to communicate effectively and in a fast manner without skipping any details, then there is going to be a problem. Observe, listen and act accordingly. Observation is the first step, firstly you need to be aware of the surroundings and look carefully if you are simply standing in one space or casually roaming around thinking that nothing would go wrong, then you are just inviting trouble in the first place, always be on guard, knowing that anything could happen and go wrong at any given time. Listen to every sound, every conversation to pick up the little details that might comprise the security of the premise, and if any such conversation or actions is found, communicate to the others in a calm and collected way without wasting time, so that they can reach the spot as a backup. Having effective communication is a combination of a lot of things and the guards must have proper training forehand to know about what all to look for, what all should be communicated, and what to omit during the information relay process.