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Facility management team

Your Facility, Our Responsibility.

First of all, what is Facility Management? In simple terms, it can be defined as properly taking care of both the premise as well as the structural facility, the building. With proper tools and services that oversee the daily functioning of the facility, the ground team, and the surroundings. We provide the best facility management services in Kochi and all over Kerala for both private as well as commercial parties. Our services will cover both small-scale and large-scale facilities like shopping malls, housing communities, to startup businesses. By incorporating modern technical standards will well-trained security personals we have become one of the pioneering facility management companies in Ernakulam and our facility management services are available all across Kerala.

Our Facility management services are fully customizable based on the need of the client, so much so that they feel safe and secure with us. We provide onsite surveys and meetings for all facilities across Kerala to give the proper plan on how we will proceed about.

security facility management in kochi

The leading Facility Management Company in Kerala

What makes us one of the leading facility management companies in Kochi is our adaptability to the changing times. In modern times crimes are on the rise, 24x7 and it is vital to stay one step ahead all the time. We blend the latest trends in the security field with properly trained and mentored security personnel who are adept in handling modern technological equipment. We are always on the look for potential security threats and proactively dealing with them. Our strict protocol of multiple levels of surveillance, premise checkups prevents any flaw in the system that gives the infiltrator an upper hand. It is this work culture that has allowed us to be one of the leading facility management companies not only in Kochi but throughout Kerala. Our facility management services are fully accessible outside Ernakulam, our presence is available all over Kerala.

Customized Facility Management Services

Are you looking for safe and reliable facility management services in Kochi? At Shieldgroup, we have the best team of trained professionals for any facility management services. Be it security, cleaning, housekeeping, plumbing, maintenance, or caring for the elderly, we are the one-stop destination for all your needs. We guarantee the best quality services at affordable rates and customize them for you according to your specific requirements.

Security services all in one at best of facility management companies in kerala

Security Guards

Security is one of the biggest concerns of everyone. Be it for a multinational company, a villa, or for an event, having the right security is crucial. Shield Group provides professional security services at attractive prices, according to the requirement of the clients.

neat and tidy facility management companies in kochi


Keeping your place neat can now be easy with the exceptional housekeeping services provided by Shield Group. We provide both domestic and commercial housekeeping services which can be customized accordingly.

caretakers at Shield Security Kochi


Looking for reliable and trustworthy building caretakers to look after your hotels, offices, apartment houses, churches, and other buildings? Then you have come to the right place. We offer professional caretakers who are given the right kind of training and have relevant experience in the field, who will make sure that your buildings remain clean and well-maintained. Our caretakers also supervise other workers and contractors

waste collection in kochi

Waste Collection and Disposal

In a busy city like Ernakulam, the disposal of waste can be quite a task. If you are looking for an agency to handle the collection and disposal of your waste, then give Shield Group a try. Our professional team will take care of the rest for you.

generator maintenance service in kochi

Generator Maintenance and Diesel Filling

Having a well-maintained generator makes sure that the activities of your home, office, or commercial building remain uninterrupted. Shield Group takes care of the proper maintenance of your generator as well as the timely filings of diesel.

swimming pool maintenace in kochi

Swimming Pool Water Treatment And Maintenance

The beauty of a swimming pool will remain intact only if it is cleaned and maintained properly. We at Shield Group offer services that include the treatment of swimming pool water as well as its maintenance.

STP maintenance and repairin kochi

STP Maintenance and Repair

It is crucial to treat the wastewater before releasing it, which is why we take sewage treatment seriously. We offer the cleaning and maintenance of Sewage Treatment Plants effectively and professionally.

lift amc services in kochi

Lift AMC and Maintenance

We understand how annoying it can be to have a malfunctioning lift in your building. We have the right skillset and experience to take care of all your needs, lift-related.

gardening and horticulture facilities in kerala

Gardening and Horticulture

Be it the vertical garden maintenance or taking care of your lawns, Shield Group has got you covered. We do landscaping and also help you to build gardens in residential areas, parks, commercial areas, or on roofs.

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Custom Packages

Best of facility management companies in kerala

The services that we offer can be availed of by choosing either one of the two packages that we offer:

Ideal for Flat and Villas/ Commercial areas/ Shopping malls/ Hospitals

  • Security Guards
  • Housekeeping
  • Caretakers
  • Waste collection and its disposal

Our advanced service package includes all services in Package 1 with additional services required by specific housing, hospital, and commercial areas. They include,

  • Gardening and Horticulture
  • Plumbing
  • Electrician and other Technical Services
  • Lift And Elevator Maintenance
  • Swimming Pool Maintenance