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Need for Guards

A lot of people envy film stars and television actors for the attention and limelight they enjoy. But sometimes certain people go overboard and make life difficult for famous people. Even selfie requests can be very annoying when they cross the limit. After all, they are human beings just like us and have the right to privacy and a comfortable life.

The more famous a person becomes, it more or less becomes impossible to get into a mall without facing an enthusiastic and mostly mannerless crowd. Even the best of us forgets to behave in the presence of a famous film star. From old day autographs to a simple handshake, everyone wants their share of 2 seconds of fame.

tall man


Shield Group is the no.1 security agency from Kochi with ample and adequate experience in Tall Man security services. They are tall, talented, well mannered, strong and powerful personalities who are well dressed and can add pride to celebrities. Normally dressed in a suit and tie. Shield Group’s Tall Man security guards are real assets for the famed and celebrities.

With a set of very intimidating and extremely professional looking guards by their side, celebrities can easily get back to their normal schedule. They can move freely and visit malls, restaurants and parks without being at the mercy of the crowd. The moment someone gets too close enough to annoy our clients, the Tall Man security guards get into action and control the situation in a friendly manner. They are people of strong will and stern action who stop at nothing but instructions from our clients.


They are the best of the clam and yet effective set of security personnel who are solely dedicated to VIP protection.

tall man


Their very presence is enough to keep trouble away. That is a favourable thing because there is no need to get into an issue and then solve it, making a mess of the situation. Tall Man security personnel are a close protection service. They focus mainly on the client and try to control the immediate vicinity rather than trying to control the entire area.

These elite personal security guards are charming in their own way. They are well-mannered and far from rude. They know how to behave well to clients as well as the crowd. It is a misconception that being big, they always rely on brute force. These premium security guards can easily handle a problem effectively without creating a scene.

tall man


Our specially trained Tall Man security guards are welcome at all events. From temple to personal occasions, they can adapt themselves easily and stay invisible when required. There is not a single case where these elite security guards will get into a problem for their personal needs. Their only focus is the security of the client and takes every possible step to ensure that they can move freely like any normal person without fear.

Being more than 6 feet tall, they are an added attraction to the scene. They are no big monsters shoo-ing off little children. These well-trained security guards are a perfect blend in any scenario and are a big asset to anyone who wants their freedom restored.